Everbridge Runs 5K for CDC Foundation

To kick off the new year, Bridgers (Everbridge employees and contractors) across the globe showed support for our Bridger Communities and Everbridge fundraising efforts while working up a sweat. All four Bridger Communities, which are employee-led resource groups, collaborated to develop a remote 5K fundraiser benefiting the CDC Foundation. Donations help the CDC Foundation provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to support frontline workers as they continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community groups — including the Veterans Group, Women’s Leadership Group, Bridgers of Color, and Bridge Out — designed a unique opportunity for Bridgers to link up and cheer each other on, regardless of geographic location or ability level. A Slack channel for registrants to post pictures of their 5K encouraged some healthy competition as participants shared routes and times from run tracker apps. Each new post garnered support, from runner and thumbs-up emojis to a special Everbridge chevron emoji; and threads dove into details from each post to discuss race times and adventures. We were excited to see morning walks in Miami, foggy runs in UK’s South Downs, Farmer’s Market trips in Boston, baguette stops in Amsterdam, and scenic hikes in Oregon; just to name a few!

While the spirit of competition drove some to head out at first light and run on their own, an inspiring number of Bridgers joined with family or other members of their personal bubble. Partners, parents, children, and four-legged friends of all ages joined in the fun–and sent pictures to prove it! In a year of skipped family events in Everbridge offices, it was a treat to see familiar faces and get to meet new ones–especially for Bridgers who collaborate often but have never met in person.

One of the advantages of a virtual event was the ability to meet people where they are. Bridger Communities focused on creating an inclusive and accessible event, and participants were able to choose the date they wanted to participate and determine their own pace and style. As always, Bridgers rose to the challenge: running, walking and biking outside; staying safely indoors on a treadmill, spin bike or other exercise equipment; and even cross-country skiing and playing tennis. Some set out to beat personal records while others were excited to enjoy a community adventure. While the event was designed to be held at each Bridger’s preferred time over the course of a weekend, enthusiasm was so high that Bridgers who missed the original weekend still took up the challenge and added proof of participation over the course of the next two weeks. With participation from Beijing to Boston, New Zealand to the Netherlands, and on beaches and in snow, this was truly a global event!




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