To kick off the new year, Bridgers (Everbridge employees and contractors) across the globe showed support for our Bridger Communities and Everbridge fundraising efforts while working up a sweat. All four Bridger Communities, which are employee-led resource groups, collaborated to develop a remote 5K fundraiser benefiting the CDC Foundation. Donations help the CDC Foundation provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to support frontline workers as they continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community groups — including the Veterans Group, Women’s Leadership Group, Bridgers of Color, and Bridge Out — designed a unique opportunity for Bridgers to link up and cheer…

After years in cybersecurity, Jennifer Sand was eager to work on a product that keeps people safe physically. As the vice president of product management for Everbridge’s critical event management platform, she gets to do just that. Below, Sand describes how her team is helping move customers from managing communication during an emergency to taking action. Plus, she shares how, through the Everbridge’s Women’s Leadership Group, she’s working to fortify the company with more diverse candidates.

What do you do at Everbridge?

I’m the vice president of product management for our CEM, or critical event management, platform. Essentially that means I’m responsible for strategy across all…

They are veterans, active military, data geeks, and geography buffs. The people who work on Everbridge’s JARVISS (Joint Analytical Real-Time Information Sharing Solution), are as varied as they come, but they share a common mission: keep those who protect our country safe. Below, Jeffrey Kahler (Senior Account Executive), Leah Habron (Senior GIS Analyst), Vick Vaishnavi (Senior VP and General Manager), and Clarence Buffalo (Senior Director of the JARVISS Solutions Team) describe the challenges of working on a product that must meet rigorous Department of Defense standards and the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts serve a greater purpose.

What is the JARVISS product used for?


As Everbridge’s first team member on the ground in Singapore, Graeme Orsborn already knew the huge potential of the company’s critical event management platform. But when Everbridge’s technology was able to help a woman in a domestic abuse situation, his eyes were opened to growing possibilities. Below, Graeme, now the vice president of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, shares the traction the company has gained while opening offices in Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney, along with why he expects Everbridge in APAC to continue a hypergrowth phase very soon.

What do you do at Everbridge?

I lead our SaaS business in the Asia Pacific, or APAC, region…

At Everbridge, we promote from within first — before searching outside of the organization. Below, two Bridgers discuss the journey from an entry level Business Development Representative to the Account Management team.

Sam (left), and Dan (Right)

What was the role you were originally hired for at Everbridge?

Sam: Sr. Business Development Representative, where I supported Strategic Account Executives in Finserv, Life Science, Chemical, Manufacturing, Oil, Energy, and Chemical Industries.

Dan: Business Development Representative for Account Executives in the Higher Education field.

Keeping people safe and businesses running. That is the Everbridge mission that fuels our commitment to customers, and the daily passion of our employees. Our solutions help enterprises, hospitals, universities, state and local governments, and even entire countries to identify, manage and respond to the many critical events which put the safety of their employees or residents at risk, or disrupt daily operations. …

When former firefighter and Sydney native Scott Nicholas heard that Everbridge was expanding to Australia, he jumped at the chance to bring software that protects lives to his home country Down Under. Below, he shares his experience as the regional sales manager, including the challenges he’s facing as the first employee on the ground and what he’s looking for as he expands his team.

What do you do at Everbridge?

I’m the regional sales manager for Australia and New Zealand. I’m the first person on the ground here, so right now I’m a team of one and I wear a lot of hats. While it is…

How does a team of crisis communication experts in the Netherlands take their business worldwide? For the Tilburg-based company Respond, the answer was to join with Everbridge. Nearly a year after the acquisition, we asked John van Laerhoven (Netherlands Director), Pieter Vermeer (Netherlands Sales Director), Nona Stabel (Marketing Specialist), and Wesley van der Kop (Software Developer) to reflect on their first impressions of the Everbridge platform, explain how they’re navigating the transition from tiny, tight-knit office to international team, and share what they’re most excited about in the months and years ahead.

What’s your role at Everbridge, and why did you join the team?

John: I’m the director of our Tilburg office…

Joined Everbridge

April 2018



Tell us about your role at Everbridge.

I oversee human resources — or as I call it, people management — in 8 countries. This is a new role for Everbridge, and the goal is to put people at the center of our international strategy. So far, that has meant a considerable amount of travel, because I’ve made it a point to meet every single international employee face-to-face over my first six months. I’m based in London and have visited mostly European locations so far, but will be heading to India and Singapore in a few weeks.

My goal with every visit is to understand…

Joined Everbridge

May 2016



What do you do at Everbridge?

I’m a user experience, or UX, specialist, which means I work with our product managers and engineers to translate the technical aspects of what we build into the user interface. I think of my job as being the voice of the customer. I try to understand how they’re using Everbridge and the environments they’re in, and then design to support that.

I’m usually involved in multiple projects that are at different stages, so every day is different. …


We help large organizations keep their people safe and informed when seconds matter.

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